Saturday, September 25, 2010

All On My Own

In this new place. I look to my left. I look to my right.
I'm all on my own.

Sitting on this bench my attention to detail captures the sand blowing in the wind. Calm as the steady ocean breeze everything becomes picture perfect and transitions into a tranquil Kodak moment. The only thought is that of my own to become the one who exceeds the expectations one step at a time with no resistance.

Is it all worth my time?

Is it worth the patience?

The essence of investing in a dream is definite as I begin to taste the luxuries of reality. Soul sold to the ice that I can buy. Soul free to the freedom awaiting my very next move. Every step that I take lures the treasures that I have worked hard for and nothing can replace the efforts I have engaged in. Words of a man leading himself into a conquered victory from his own will. Desires that seduce my intent to strengthen the backbone to success has been grasped by my persistence to never give up by going that extra inch.
I am the reflection of my efforts, Champion.

This kid just fell from the sky and look who's there to catch him... Even if I wasn't there, G-d sent him with a pair of floaty's so im sure he woulda been alright!