Saturday, April 18, 2009

- Fresh Cup Of Life -

Good day to all,

I am currently a college student, 21 years old, and has most definitely noticed the immense reality bullet tip toe its way into the recent years of my life. On my Seventeenth birthday, I willingly signed myself into the department of "Love" investing almost 4 years of the teenage life into an adventurous situation called a relationship. We've had our Kodak moments and stuff, I'm not hear to say anything repugnant about the girl, she was a sweet heart. But, what I am going to say is having found myself afterward in a mentality that endures me to be thinking of my future in a more eager and fierce type of expedition, simply reanimates the whole image of rebirth.

-I tend to stay on topic guys so don't worry, you wont lose me-

Now, I have begun a fresh chapter in my life. A time period that really elaborates on the development of my life begins to kick into full throttle. I've recently finished reading the book, "The Richest Man In Babylon" by George S. Clason, and a keen contour gateway suddenly flip switches a fuse in my life for the better. Though, I owe most of the credit to my charismatically potent mother for exhibiting the guidance to taking control of my own willpower. Today, most people say I have the attitude and courage of a driven hustler. Why do they call it being a hustler? To me the definition of being a hustler is to continuously maintain in excelling your focus. Even if you are the best in your field of expertise, "put yourself in the 2nd place position type of feeling at all times and chase that first place Gold Medal." - Kobe Bryant

I for one, see life split up into two different ways, you either do it, or you don't. Let me explain what I mean. If you put a ball on a set of stairs, where is the ball gonna go? NOWHERE! Because it's sitting on one step, not moving Up nor Down.
If you put a ball on a ramp, where is the ball going? Straight down unless you don't stop pushing it higher. Life can always put you down, unless you never stop pushing for the better. Yes, it is that simple. Internet marketing is my current profession and for a while now, I've been impetuously trying to get an office. Being able to afford the office wasn't really the issue, rather was it really a necessity for the time being? I beg to differ in the sense of logically thinking about different considerations.
Here, let me briefly explain to you what I mean...
In George S. Clason's, "The Richest Man In Babylon," he explained that Nebuchadnezzar's Kingdom of Babylon was proclaimed the richest of all places in the world throughout its era. I for one think about Aladdin's fantasious palace whenever I hear about Babylon being the richest place in the world. But it explains it to be nothing alike. Rather, Babylon was rich in many forms such as being amongst the first to indulge in the engineering of an irrigation system which transformed the arid valley into an agricultural paradise. Where I'm trying to get at, is they have made it to such an amazing accomplishment, and with what? With literally a pick and a shovel. They took nothing and turned it into something. What stops me or even you from doing the same?

So, go figure. Wouldn't you also be skeptical about moving into an office and paying unnecessary rent money when you have all the tools you need from your very own home computer desk? And this is throughout the stage in my life where more and more thinking gears begin to immensely rotate in my head. I'm perceiving life a lot clearer now. All it took was a simple motive which was to save the rent money instead, for a rainy day. As days go by I begin to help myself believe that work = friend. Wouldn't you like to feel financially stable and comfortable enough not to be hesitant on your next purchase? Well that's why "work=friend" because if work is a true friend, he'll never let you down.

We all say how great of friends we can be towards our peers. Well, let's try becoming friends of our own first. Let's see if we can really treat ourselves just as great as we treat our best friends or the ones we really love and care for. If you can answer yes to that (which I'm sure you can) then enjoy taking a step into my life.

After parting away with the girl I loved, I couldn't just throw all the love I had away. It was simply too much to waste. So after a couple days of sorrow, I realized what kind of fool I have been for letting myself go through this so called emotional pain. So, I simply channeled all the love I still had and focused it on myself. Never be ashamed of people telling you that you love yourself too much. It's never too much. Rather, the more a person loves them self, the more the laws of attraction begin to take affect. Loving yourself means that you are willing to do what losers wont and will never give up. And if you put up a fight, be ready to not embarrass yourself by losing that fight. Be able to elaborate on the words you speak in an educated manner to be perceived as one to not be taken as a fool.

Now, remember people, a closed mouth never gets fed so open up and say what you got to say or forever hold your peace. I had to add in the "forever hold your peace" part because one-time chances don't come around twice. If you have to say something, then say it. Here, let me give you an example. When I was introduced to the whole club scene, I had times where I left the club with some bit of remorse. I felt that bit of remorse because I just didn't have the balls to approach the "hottest chick in the club." (my vision's directed @ the mermaids in the ocean, not the fish. So I wanted the 'HOTTEST chick in the club') Now, this was my one time chance because who knows if I was going to see her again, and I blew it by not approaching her. I hate regret. But what about rejection?! I love rejection! When a girl rejects you, it simply makes life a lot easier now knowing that you don't have to invest your time into something that's not working to begin with. In essence, move onto the next and thank the rejection for helping you move onto the next chick quicker. There's Plenty of mermaids in the sea, proven. Ever since then I have not fell into a regretful situation where I did not do something I felt the thirst in doing. I'd like to call my situation, 'Acquired Good Luck.'

But see, that's where we begin to really understand the true meaning of "Good Luck." Good luck can be bestowed upon every person, we just have to learn to acquire it. A really good example is one from the book. A farmer who lived in Babylon went on a venture outside the city gates one day in search of some sheep to buy so he can sell in the village. After a tiring day of not finding any sheep, he returns to the city gates only to find the gates closed because he came too late in the evening. He had to tent overnight. All of a sudden, a man he see's from within a distance. This man happens to offer him a deal of 80 sheep at a discounted price and the regular cost being at $300 per sheep. Deal is, take all sheep for $100 per sheep. He says, "Sure! I'll take the sheep! But let's wait until the morning so I can count the sheep and see if there are any blemishes before I buy them, it's too dark" The seller tells him to put a deposit on the sheep, he refuses. They both end up sleeping outside of the city walls since it had been too late at night. As the sun rises, the gates of the city open, and farmers run outside the city gates in desperate search for sheep! So now, instead of the man selling each sheep to him at a discounted $100 per sheep, when regular price for the sheep had been $300, the seller was able to sell each sheep to other desperate farmers for a good $500 per sheep due to the high demand.
Moral: If he acted quicker and bought the sheep, that "Good Luck" could have been bestowed upon him and he could have been rich.

There are so many ways to better yourself in any arena that you battle in. The one thing that you must keep in mind though, is to be tactically logical in your every move. I figured your very next best move is the one that's most well thought and planned out. Most people look at life with big eyes in thinking that the abundance of things to accomplish are simply unmanageable. Totally wrong. The people who think that, are the same people who look back at their life years down the line, with sincere regret in not taking initiative in pursuing the very next best step. I have done my extensive research in guiding myself into being the very best of my potentials and I have come to this, start young and plan ahead. I cannot stress that enough on how important it is to start NOW and always have a plan in life. Start today by composing your schedule for the following day and see how productive your days become by simply planning ahead. Be consistent and on point in everything you do, because if you're not, you're just going to have to go back and finish it the right way anyways until it's done correctly. Believe that you sincerely Deserve only the Best. Accept yourself to becoming a more efficient and productive person, after all, you Deserve what you Accept. Transition YOUR life for the better. Remember, you are the reflection of your efforts.


P.S> I encourage you to write your thoughts on any part of this.

"Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character."